The welfare born by the respect for people and by listening their needs.

Everyone, independently of their own cultural and social profile and of subjective conditions to their disadvantage.

For example, all our food supplements are devoid of gluten and sodium: these can be used by coeliac and hypertensive.

The certification of our products can guarantee our attention.
Certificazioni di prodotto Kolinpharma
Information Braille

First in Italy, since 2014, we included on all our packaging the Braille indications, with the expiry date, the name, the product dosage, and the tactile indication of a QR code for follow-up.
QR code
QR code
for Follo-up

The QR Code offers to sighted and blind people, the access to a web page, with the content of the label, with more information about the product.
Tamper Evident 
Tamper Evident

We use patented Tamper Evident packs, closed by aninnovative way w/o the use of glue, to immediately demonstrate to sighted and blinded people the packs integrity, thanks to different chromatic and tactile indicators.
standard FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)

Respecting the nature is more than a choice: It is a commitment. For this reason, we apply the FSC® standard (Forest Stewardship Council®), which guarantees a responsible managing of forests, for the packs of our products, but even for all paper material we used in the company.
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